Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning

Emerson Climate Technologies' products play a significant role in the temperature, humidity level and overall comfort of the home.

In Asia, Emerson has recently launched a range of high efficiency, fixed capacity residential scroll compressors which are quieter and have the smallest footprint in the industry. OEMs across China, India and Thailand have adopted this high efficiency scroll to launch A/C systems with the highest level of efficiency (Star 5 in India, Level 1 in China and EGAT 5 in Thailand).

Conventional HVAC system humidity levels in the house fluctuate depending on the environment. This fluctuation can cause health issues as well as permanent damage to the home and belongings. A dry environment in the house or excess moisture (which can result in mold and mildew growth) will lead to a sub-optimal air quality, health disorders and depreciation of property value.

Emerson has a revolutionary digital scroll compressor for residential air-conditioning systems that powers the home central air-conditioning systems. These systems are designed to deliver precise temperature levels and optimal relative humidity, thereby improving the home comfort. This technology also reduces energy consumed by the air-conditioning system, saving up to 40% on energy costs as compared with conventional HVAC systems.

Emerson has a complete range of residential scroll compressors available with environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. Furthermore, Emerson is leading the transition to R-410A products with valves, controls and system protectors—and was the first in the industry to design a thermal expansion valve with a power element that matches its response to R-410A system characteristics for optimum performance.