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Digital Scroll Heating Technology

Digital Scroll heating technology uses the enhanced vapor injection principle which addresses the two needs of the HVAC industry – better cooling COP and increased heating capacity/COP at low ambient operation. This technology enables the system to achieve 20-30% more heating capacity at low ambient conditions in the most efficient manner. It also allows the heat pump to operate at very low ambient (as low as -20°C).  This has been made possible by the extension of the scroll compressor's safe operating envelope. 

This technology is a powerful tool to improve the capacity and COP in a system by using a smaller compressor to get the same cooling capacity and better cooling COP with vapor injection turned ON.  The reliability of this technology is based on the digital scroll compressor that has a 99.996% field performance spread for over 9 years.  Digital scroll heating has been successfully applied in VRF market as a highly efficient and reliable cooling and heating solution.


Digital Heating vs. Other Heating Systems