Milk Cooling / Dairy

Milk quality is judged not only on the basis of its fat content, but also on microbiological count. An unacceptable microbiological count can result in high toxins and bad flavor, rendering it unsafe for human consumption. Rapid cooling at the farm right after milking is the only reliable way to control microbiological count, thereby ensuring milk quality and safety.

The dairy industry is one of the most regulated, requiring different modes of cooling at different stages:

  • Milk must be cooled to 4°C within three hours of milking.  The milk tank then needs to be maintained at 4°C to avoid spoilage.
  • Process chilling at dairies requires contaminant-free, chilled temperature.
  • Transportation and storage right up to retail distribution require close temperature control.
  • The entire process is subject to close scrutiny from food inspectors and HACCP auditors since poor or bad milk quality can endanger lives.

Emerson works with several dairy clients, helping them achieve critical temperature and storage requirements. Emerson’s ZX range of condensing units help cool milk tanks at collection centers. They havealso been tested by dairy clients for milk tank cooling applications in India.

The efficient Copeland® compressor coupled with liberal condenser size and guided air flow design place this refrigeration condensing unit at the cutting edge of refrigeration technology.