Emerson Climate Technologies Shares Global Expertise and Solutions Based on Alternate Refrigerants, Committed to Support HVACR Industry with Low GWP Refrigerant Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies Shares Global Expertise and Solutions Based on Alternate Refrigerants, Committed to Support HVACR Industry with Low GWP Refrigerant Solutions

Company Presents Global Engagement On Research and Development Of Low GWP Refrigerants

Bangkok, Thailand, June 29 - 30, 2013 — Emerson Climate Technologies, the world’s leading provider of HVACR solutions, participated in the Second International Conference on “Advancing Ozone & Climate Protection Technologies : Next Steps”. The conference focused on low GWP refrigerant solutions available for the air-conditioning, refrigeration and foam sectors. The conference was organized by The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), The Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short – Lived Climate Pollutants, The United States Government, The European Commission, and the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy.

Emerson Climate Technologies is engaged with various global leadership activities for future refrigerants. Dr. Rajan Rajendran Ph.D., Vice President Engineering Services and Sustainability, shared his expertise on “Promising Low-GWP Options in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.” Attendees at Dr. Rajendran’s presentation learned about the new promising low GWP refrigerant options available in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry; an evaluation of air-conditioning systems with various low-GWP options; and the Life Cycle Climate Performance analysis with low-GWP refrigerants in various refrigeration applications.

Emerson Climate Technologies further demonstrated its commitment to climate protection by exhibiting solutions with low–GWP refrigerants for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. A range of Copeland Scroll™ compressors for air-conditioning systems operating with R32 refrigerant was showcased at the exhibition.  These compressors were designed to set the industry standard in terms of performance and reliability and can be used with either liquid or vapor injection to provide system design flexibility and optimization of system performance and cost.  Additionally, a range of expansion valves and system protection components for R32 refrigerant is available to provide a complete solution to equipment manufacturers. 

For the refrigeration market, the Copeland™ Stream Compressor for R744 refrigerant was displayed at the exhibition. This 4-cylinder compressor for CO2-transcritical applications is the ideal solution for medium temperature cascade and booster systems.  It features CoreSense™ Diagnostics, allowing  for compressor protection, predictive diagnostics, and communication with Emerson’s supervisory controls, and stepless capacity modulation by variable frequency drive from 25 to 75 Hz.  With the Copeland Scroll™ Digital line-up of R744 compressors, for CO2-subcritical applications for low temperature cascade systems, Emerson Climate Technologies has set a new benchmark in the refrigeration industry.  In addition, the company displayed a hermetic reciprocating compressor line-up for R290.  The range is optimized for maximum performance and is certified with CB, UL, and RoHS approvals.

Emerson Climate Technologies supports the use of Life Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP) as a good measure for a system’s impact on global warming and believes in a holistic approach to select long term sustainable refrigerants based on safety, performance, economics and environment.  Emerson Climate Technologies is committed to partnering with the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry to provide energy efficient and environmentally responsible solutions.

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