Staging on its 6th year run of recognizing topflight energy efficient designs in the HVACR industry, The Emerson Cup 2013 once again furthered incomparable innovation in technology and system design solutions in India. With its impressive roster of entries and panel of distinguished industry experts, the competition dubbed this years' best of the best.


Retrofit Building (Emerging City)

BWI Automotive Technologies 

BWI Automotive Technologies, Rewari

Sridhar Mohanty, BWI Automotive Technologies, Rewari

The structure consolidates automotive technologies individuality through the integration of solar powered and energy efficient efforts such as solar water heating on its show floor and cafeteria. Along with a solar PV unit for its server room, this prized ground steered substantial increase in worker productivity and plant efficiency.

Retrofit Building (Metropolitan City)

Infosys Sholinganallur Campus 

Infosys Sholinganallur Campus, Chennai

Green Initiatives, Infosys Ltd, Bangalore

This winning edifice is enthused with high concentrations on redesigning and right sizing of its chilled water setup. The campus’ white roofs arranged to reduce heat gain resulted to 18% reduction in EPI, a 39% reduction in auxiliary energy consumption, and an increase of 51% in lighting lux level.

New Building(Emerging City)

Start Up Farms IT India 

Start Up Farms IT India, Chandigarh

Design Atelier, New Delhi

The campus recorded 28% savings over ASHRAE Baseline Building. It is armed with an integrated design approach of active chilled beams, passive solar systems, energy efficient Led lightings, and contains no AHU rooms resulting to saving of space and better acoustics.

New Building(Metropolitan City)

Puma Store 

Puma Store, Bangalore

Satish N. Iyengar, Services Consultants, Bangalore

India’s first Net Zero Retail Showroom comes with sustainable features in its building materials and local sourcing with building integrated PV panels. The structure holds 90% Day Lighting for all areas and LED lighting systems, an under floor ducting with Earth air tunnel, and an actual EPI count of 37.62 kWh/m2/Annum.

New Building With Emerson Technologies(Emerging City)
Schott Kaisha Pvt Ltd 

Schott Kaisha Pvt Ltd, Vadodara

NM Shah, Apex Consultants & Engineers, Vadodara

Enthused with a holistic design approach centering on practicality of energy savings, the structure is a working example of a remarkable attempt of applying VRF System to Clean Room Segment for Comfort and Lab Applications. The building caters to individualistic air-conditioning needs and usage while practicing energy efficient lighting system with 60% Day Lit Areas.

New Building With Emerson Technologies(Metropolitan City)
NetApp (India) Pvt Ltd 

NetApp (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

A. Raja, Electroarc Consulting Engineers, Bangalore

Being the largest server lab completed in Asia, this building accumulates 450+ watts/sq ft heat density. With a PUE rating that is less than 1.6, an accommodation of 200 pieces of server racks and cooling of 2, 400kW load in a 5, 041 sq ft space, the data center drills on the optimization of cooling load and power consumption by top mounted and horizontal air flow cooling.