Documents for Submission
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Documents for Submission

By Architects, HVAC Consultants / Engineers, Developers, Institutional Owners

  1. Duly filled application form
  2. Brief write-up titled “Why I Think My Project Deserves To Win The Emerson Cup 2013” (maximum of 500 words).
    1. Description of System COP
    2. Where and how it reduced consumption; associate reduction in carbon footprint
    3. Other initiatives: reduce pollution, waste and other environmental considerations
    4. Definition of Key Performance Indicators
  3. Project design related documents:
    1. A document titled “Narrative Project Design” (maximum of 3,000 words) explaining how evaluation criteria numbers 1-5 were considered in the design of the project
    2. Design Parameters, Design Approach, Innovations Brought In, Design Process Adopted
    3. Tangible and intangible benefits for clients envisaged with a list of Key Performance Indicators
    4. Measured/monitored Performance Data (at least 12 months) e.g. electricity bill of entire building/floor, etc.
    5. In case of Retrofit Project, attach Previous vs. Current Data
    6. Simple System Schematic (to include plans, elevations and sections, if necessary)
    7. Photographs of the interior, exterior, HVAC installation and relevant items
  4. NOC from Project Owner