Wu Yuanwei
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Wu Yuanwei, China

Wu Yuanwei is a Chief Engineer & Professor at China Academy of Building Research. China Academy of Building Research (CABR) is the country’s largest and most diverse research institution in the building industry. Yuanwei has obtained his M.E. Major in HVAC from Harbin Institute of Technology, a premier education institute founded in 1920.

Mr. Yuanwei started teaching and research at the Harbin Institute of Technology, where he researched on the air conditioning modernization of buildings. He also made several presentations on how important it is to improve the IAQ of Human Living, Some Ponders on National Air Conditioning Industries.

He won the Technology Progress Award issued successively by Heilongjiang Province, The Ministry of Construction & Beijing City.

Mr. Yuanwei is currently a consultant of the West Air Conditioning and Heating Ventilation. He is the Chief Editor of Journal of Refrigeration and Architecture Technology, the industry’s leading technology journals. He also serves as Vice President in the China Refrigeration Academic Society.