L'énergie est l'un des problèmes les plus importants auxquels le monde sera confronté dans les prochaines décennies. Emerson Climate Technologies s'engage à protéger l'environnement et à offrir des solutions qui réduisent la consommation d'énergie. Les groupes commerciaux Climatisation et Réfrigération d'Emerson Climate Technologies cherchent toujours à dépasser les normes en matière d'efficacité énergétique.

Emerson Climate Technologies offre également plusieurs produits de climatisation et de réfrigération qui visent à améliorer l'efficacité énergétique de votre maison.



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Energy is typically delivered in the form of electricity. There are many methods for producing electricity, but the primary method involves electromagnetic induction-the process of transforming kinetic energy (motion) into electricity via turbine or generator.
To find out more about the methods for creating electromagnetic induction, click on the links below.

Nuclear Power
Hydro Power
Natural Gas
Wind Power
 Solar power
Solar power acts as an alternative to the above methods, utilizing the photoelectric effect instead of electromagnetic induction.




Electricity is distributed all over the country through three main power grids: the Eastern, Western, and Texas Interconnections. Within these grids are high voltage power stations, which use high voltage lines to transport electricity of up to 100,000 volts to lower voltage residential lines. These lines then use a transformer to lower the voltage to 100-200 volts.

Natural gas distribution occurs in a similar manner. Thousands of miles of interconnected pipelines run all over the country, with smaller residential lines tapping into the larger main lines.
 power grids




Electricity and natural gas prices tend to fluctuate constantly. To see the latest prices (2012-present) of natural gas and electricity by state, click on the links below:

Electricity price comparison by state
Natural gas price comparison by state

 Electricity and natural gas


Upcoming Trends


Recently, several new efforts have emerged to improve the efficiency of energy production and distribution in the United States including:

Advances in Natural Gas Technology
New SmartGrid Communicating Technology

For more information on upcoming energy trends, click on the link below.

10 Home Energy Management Trends for 2013
 Advances in Natural Gas Technology New SmartGrid Communicating Technology



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