Approximately 35 percent of the electrical energy consumed each year in the United States is used by HVACR systems. Compressors make up a vast majority of the energy used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. That means compressor selection is key to improving the overall efficiency of HVACR systems. The inherent design of Copeland Scroll™ compressors makes them a preferred choice for more energy-efficient systems.

Residential Energy Cost Savings

The high-efficiency Copeland Scroll UltraTech™ compressor can help reduce energy use by 20-60 percent in residential air conditioning units. Plus, research shows that one out of every four homeowners will pay a premium for high-efficiency, two-stage systems. Since its launch, the 15+ SEER market has continued to grow, even in a down market.

Compressor Isentropic Efficiency Chart

Commercial Energy Cost Reductions

Emerson offers a wide range of scroll compressors that allow you to determine the best method of optimizing energy efficiencies. Whether it's a fixed speed scroll compressor, a tandem, Copeland Scroll UltraTech or Copeland Scroll Digital™, you have the flexibility to choose from reliable, energy efficient solutions for almost any application. 

Copeland Scroll Digital compressors are typically 30 percent more efficient than hot-gas bypass units. With the industry's broadest line of compressors capable of 10 to 100 percent modulation, Copeland Scroll Digital compressors provide more energy savings and tighter temperature control.

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