Copeland and Alco Product Selection Software
Copeland and Alco Product Selection Software 

The industry’s leading selection software gives you access to the functionality you want with a single click. Fast and user friendly, you can make a quick selection or move to more advanced system calculations.

 Selection Software in a few points:

  • Work with compressors, condensing units and controls
  • Ease of use
  • Multi-language capability
  • Ability to customize and retain settings
  • Reduce/eliminate printed data sheets

You can work with compressors, condensing units, or controls and in the language of your choice - 17 are available. Custom settings enable you to quickly recall frequently used conditions and add your own contact and client details.

Simply choose a tab to find compressors, condensing units or controls, choose the families from which to make the selection, choose refrigerant and required capacity. Set your operating conditions to see the model which best matches your needs.

Speed buttons are provided to pre-set to standard operating conditions and all data is instantly updated when the required operating conditions are edited.

Information about the definitions and user tools in Select can be found in the Help system, and should further questions arise please contact us at Your feedback  is always welcome. Please send your comments and suggestions for improvements to us at the above email address.

What´s new

Copeland Brand Product Selection Software has been updated to version 7.8 and is available for download. Users are recommended to upgrade and work with the latest version.

New and updated product data will be found in the database including extensive coverage for R407A and R407F:


  • Addition of R407A data for ZB58-114
  • Copeland Scroll Digital™ ZBD with R134a
  • Air conditioning ZP104/122
  • New commercial comfort ZHI*K1P
  • Stream CO2 for low temp, 4MSL
  • Addition of R407A data for all Stream categories
  • Addition of R407F data for Stream standard models with demand cooling
  • New Discus Digital D3D*D models for R404A/R407C/R407A/R407F/R134a
  • Service Compressor for 4/6 cyl.
  • Discus 4/6 cyl. models D4D/D6D now moved to Previous Generation section.

Condensing units

  • Addition of R134a/ R407A/F data for Copeland EazyCool™ ZXDE & ZXME
  • Addition of R134a data for Copeland EazyCool™ Outdoor Quiet & Digital Modulation
  • Addition of refrigerant R134a data for Copeland Scroll Digital™ Receiver Unit HLR
  • New Stream Condensing Units, R404A/R407C/R407A/R407F/R134a/R22.

Components (Alco)
Data for refrigerants R407A/F is now included for the following:

  • Thermo-Expansion valves T, TI
  • Electronic-Expansion valves EX2, EX4-8
  • Solenoid valves 110, 200, 240
  • Filter Drier ADK

Download Selection Software now and run the program to experience instant access to the compressor, condensing unit, heat pump and controls families.

Current program version:   v. 7.8 (22/10/2013)
Current database version: v. 41583 (05/11/2013)