Oil Management
Oil Management

When it comes to managing refrigeration systems, one of the main concerns is to keep the compressor lubricated while maintaining a high level of heat transfer and energy efficiency by removing as much oil as possible from the refrigerant. This requires sophisticated oil management devices.

Emerson Climate Technologies' oil controls monitor oil levels throughout the refrigeration systems. The line includes:

  • Oil Level Management Systems (OM3/OM4/OM5) check the oil level in the compressor’s crankcase and control refill of oil through a built-in solenoid valve. OW4/OW5 OilWatch is a monitoring system without active oil balancing, providing alarm indication and compressor cut-off. They are for use with HCFC and HFC refrigerants, CO2, mineral, synthetic and ester oils. Maximum allowable pressures (PS): OM3: 35 bar. OM4/OW4: 60 bar. OM5/OW5: 130 bar
  • Oil Separators (OS.Series) remove the oil from the gaseous refrigerant coming from the compressors outlet.
  • Acid test kit (AOK) is a quick and easy way to check the acid number of refrigerant oils.
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