CO2 Outdoor Refrigeration Units
Copeland EazyCool™ CO2 Refrigeration Units

With this range of outdoor refrigeration units, Emerson Climate Technologies offers a solution which responds to the increasing demand for future-proof refrigeration technology.​

These models are designed for operation with the natural refrigerant CO2 which has a very low global warming potential (GWP) of only 1.

The range features the latest technology in an assembly of high quality components which are adjusted for efficient and reliable operation. The Stream series compressors which are characterized by their silent and reliable operation. The integrated frequency inverter controls the compressor speed exactly to the capacity demand of the application. EC-fans remove the heat from the gas cooler in the most efficient and silent way.

The state of the art electronic controller allows for precise adjustment and control of all relevant parameters and comprises numerous electronic protection functions for highly reliable operation.

The Refrigeration units are future-proof choice for various target applications:

• Convenience stores

• Forecourt sites

• Cold rooms

• Fast food stores, bars and restaurants 

 Outdoor Refrigeration Unit - ZX-Range Leaflet  

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Copeland EazyCool™ CO2 Refrigeration Unit