Shopping Centres
Shopping Centres
With the ongoing challenge associated with operating costs and flexibility for shopping centres, maximizing energy efficiency with flexible and reliable heating and cooling systems is a critical tasks for contractors, design engineers and HVAC system manufacturers.

The modern solution to provide energy efficient, high quality comfort and flexibility of use in large commercial spaces is called water loop heat pump. Cooling or heating energy for the comfort of the local area is locally generated with a simple and efficient water to air or water to water system. The main water loop is used either as heat source or heat sink by the local zones and it is maintained at a neutral temperature by a certain number of dedicated, high efficiency chillers / heat pumps.

At the heart of these modern water loop heat pump systems you will find commercial Copeland  Scroll™ compressors in high seasonal performing tandem and trio combinations. All combinations are Copeland™ qualified for maximum reliability and fast time to market.

Solutions for heating and cooling systems in large commercial spaces