Copeland™ brand Products

Emerson Climate Technologies offers the most efficient and most complete semi-hermetic and Scroll compressor lines to the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump markets. Today, over 100 million Copeland Scrolls are installed worldwide, more than any other Scroll compressor brand. The efficiency of our semi-hermetic compressors surpasses any competitors’ for several decades. With Copeland Scroll™ and semi-hermetic available for all main refrigerants, equipped with smart electronics and capable of Digital and Variable Speed modulation, Emerson Climate Technologies has taken compression technology to new heights.


The Copeland EazyCool™ Scroll Outdoor Condensing Unit is an integrated solution that, as a whole, exceeds the performance of its individual components, ultimately easing installation and service for contractors and providing a highly efficient, reliable and cost-saving product for end-users. It provides the foodservice industry and food retailers with enhanced energy efficiency, reliability and flexibility in a slim-profile package.

With a Copeland Scroll compressor, variable speed fan motor and advanced Copeland electronic controls, this condensing unit offers trusted durability and energy savings greater than 20%, as well as increased system diagnostic capabilities. With its lighter weight, ease of maneuverability and vertical orientation, this high efficiency condensing unit also allows for reduced installation time, ease of service and highest flexibility for installation locations.

How the Copeland Scroll compressor works



Copeland brand Products