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Scroll Compressors
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Refrigeration - Application Guidelines
CopelandTM Scroll Compressors for Refrigeration - ZS09KAE, ZS11KAE & ZS13KAE
Copeland ScrollTM Summit Series - ZB50KCE to ZB114KCE, ZB66K5E to ZB114K5E & ZF25K5E to ZF49K5E
Scroll Compressors for CO2 Subcritical Refrigeration - ZO34K* to ZO104K* & ZOD104K*
Scroll Compressors for Refrigeration - ZB15K* to ZB220K*, ZS21K* to ZS11M*, ZF06K* to ZF48K*, ZF13KVE to ZF48KVE
Copeland Scroll Digital? Compressors for Refrigeration - ZBD21K* to ZBD114K*, ZFD13KVE to ZFD25KVE, ZFD41K5E