Dixell Electronic Controls
Dixell Electronic Controls

Dixell Controllers and Systems have a wide range of products for refrigeration and conditioning applications.

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Dixell Controllers and Systems are able to give a right answer to any needs in refrigeration and conditioning applications:

Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration requires the control of many different conditions to guarantee that products are processed and stored correctly. Temperature, pressure and humidity must be kept under control with reliable devices that are also simple to manage. Whether we are dealing with a compressor rack or the smallest refrigerator or refrigerated transport, controllers must provide total solutions that provide complete control. If there is an alarm, it is necessary to be advised quickly in order to intervene without delay. Therefore depending on the application Dixell provides remote assistance systems for local monitoring, for supervising or remote control including via internet.

Commercial Refrigeration

In today’s modern supermarkets, control system technology for commercial refrigeration, both for cabinets and compressor racks, plays a fundamentally vital role, both for the designer and the consumer. The concepts of integration, remote access, energy savings and functional aesthetics are important considerations in this key field of refrigeration. From the simple controller for plug-in applications to the most sophisticated master + multiple slave system for multiplexed cabinets, Dixell presents its vast experience by offering products with excellent performance and durability.

Food service & cooking

Dixell is equally competent in the field of cooking, just as it is in the field of refrigeration or blast chiller processes used in freshly-cooked food conservation. Dixell’s solutions to the recent introduction of food hygiene regulations (HACCP) offer immediate advantages in terms of cost, time and operation of systems.

Equipment & contracting

Experience, combined with innovation, allows our products to be used in the most diverse industrial applications; alarm management is very important for safety and this is why all the controllers are designed to supply effective diagnostics whether at local level or by connection to remote assistance system. Dixell devices are particularly adaptable and make the application easy to use even in the industrial automation field, thanks to the wide range of products available and their compatibility with current safety standards.


The comfort of the environment in which we live nowadays is an essential element of our everyday life, and air conditioning is a decisive factor in this situation. Unlike the past, it is no longer a luxury, and it has become a necessity. Equipment and controllers are becoming more and more effective and offer wide installation possibilities with reduced costs and according to expectations. The need for air conditioning is not only strictly related to humans; even equipment “suffers” due to extreme environmental conditions or when it operates beyond its working range. The more sophisticated equipment is, the narrower the temperature and humidity variation ranges in which they work must be. For all these reasons, Dixell designs and develops electronic controllers for air conditioning equipment used in civil, commercial and even industrial systems. The solutions proposed are all part of the innovation, reliability and competitiveness levels that Dixell has strived to reach, in this way consolidating its position on the market and becoming a reliable business partner.


Dixell gives you a complete range of Controllers and Systems able to satisfy all your needs in:

  • Refrigeration
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Time/Temperature/Humidity/Pressure

Dixell catalogue includes:

Parametric Controllers

Different needs that crowd the refrigeration and air conditioning worlds are satisfied with a complete series of parametric controllers with an innovative design and intuitive interfaces.

Intelligent algorithms, that are oriented toward energy savings and innovative functions mark a range of products that includes different fields in the cooling world offers a wide range of general purpose solutions, for multiplexed cabinets, cabinets and rooms, blast chiller, compressor racks and refrigerated trucks. Specific solutions that are used also in applications such as fan speed control, heated cabinets and ovens and in temperature, humidity and pressure regulation.

Programmable Controllers

iPro family, dedicated whether for HVAC/R units, is characterized by the most advanced technology in connectivity and processing speed. It is based on a powerful platform that includes one hardware configuration that is able to expand the actual solution in the market, and a software that, thanks to the ISaGRAF® development environment allows the development through standard programming languages.

An easy and useful HMI is also guaranteed through the VISOGRAPH graphic display, as the expandability and the solution to many applications are satisfied with a complete range of accessories, among which, I/O expansion modules and proportional electronic valve management, modem, wiring…


The XWEB System family is based on web technology used to satisfy monitoring and supervising requirements in Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration fields from small shops to hypermarkets, and refrigerated warehouses to food production centers.
Other potential fields are: chemical-pharmaceutical, oenological, naval, museums, hospital, etc.

Dixell Systems conform to HACCP rules; the CRO (compressor rack optimization) reduced Set-point, anti-sweat heaters, lights and the power peaks are used with the result of having an optimize energy savings. It is also important to have the possibility to have integration with air conditioning machines that are equipped with iCHILL and iPro Dixell controllers. For retrofitting we offer iCOOLL wireless (RF) modules plus relay and acquisition module families for probe inputs and alarm outputs.

Probes & Accessories

A complete series of probes and transducers for temperature, humidity and pressure ensures the final user to have a range of useful accessories for easy, fast and accurate use of each instrument in every application.

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