Electronic Expansion Valves
Electronic Expansion Valves

Emerson Climate Technologies offers electrically operated valves that regulate the flow of a gases or liquids in a variety of HVAC/R applications. Our product range includes: 

  • High performance EX4 – 8 series Stepper Motor Driven Valves can be used in a variety of control applications like superheat control or liquid injection, evaporating or crankcase pressure, hot gas bypass or condensing pressure regulation.
  • EX2 Series Pulse Width Modulated Valves are for superheat control in supermarket’s display cases
  • EXM/EXL Series stepper motor valves are the best choice for superheat control or liquid/vapor injection in air conditioning and heat pump systems.
  • High pressure CX4 – 7 series Stepper Motor Driven Valves have been optimized for use in transcritical CO2 applications.
Stepper Motor Driven Valves