Digital Receiver Unit HLR
Digital Receiver Unit HLR

Copeland Scroll™ Digital Receiver Units HLR are an innovative offering by Emerson Climate Technologies for food service and retail businesses. Their compact design and the power of digital scroll continuous capacity modulation allow for optimized environmental integration at highest system efficiency.

Flexibility and Optimum Building Integration
HLR Digital Receiver Units combine the concepts of remote condenser and digital modulation for maximized installation flexibility.

Choice of Condenser Selection for Environmental Conditions
The Digital Receiver Units can be combined with various third party condenser solutions. This allows for highly efficient and low noise outdoor condenser solutions as well as the use of water cooled condensers for heat recovery systems.

Energy Saving
The latest Copeland Scroll Digital compressor technology offers significantly higher efficiency than traditional piston compressors in the target application.

Simple System Design and Installation
HLR Digital Receiver Units are fully equipped for quick installation and maintenance, saving time and costs.

High Reliability
The HLR indoor installation concept reliably protects the heart of the cooling system. Carefully chosen and approved quality components and the built-in electronic overload protection guarantee long-term reliability.


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Copeland Scroll™ Digital Receiver Units HLR