Comfort Copeland Scroll Compressors

Emerson Climate Technologies takes its responsibility in preserving the environment by offering the most advanced scroll technology available in the market. Comfort Copeland Scroll™ compressors can support your yearlong needs always delivering the best efficiency for a sustainable comfort.

Thanks to the widest selection of air conditioning and heating optimized scroll compressors it has never been easier to match all desired applications with the highest efficiency and reliability.

Sustainable comfort is a result of developing the most efficient scroll compressors to help save energy but at the same time increase your own comfort by improving the quality of the air, reduce noise, control the humidity and efficiently fulfill the cooling or heating demand.

Comfort Copeland Scroll compressors provide a wide offering from 3.5kW up to 100kW in singles with a vast possibility of combinations, even and uneven tandems and trios, that brings the overall capacity up to 600kW for a dual circuit unit, and up to 1200kW with four circuits. Whether your need is a cooling optimized, heating optimized, or reversible unit you will find the most advanced technology within our range.

Copeland Scroll compressors for comfort applications