Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Directive acknowledges energy from air, water and ground as renewable.

Heat pump technology is well recognized choice to extract this portion of energy from the environment for heating purposes.

This is an important step to achieve the European targets of 20% CO2 reduction, 20% energy efficiency improvement and 20% increase in renewable energy mix by 2020.

In addition the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, with the ‘nearly zero-energy building’ definition and the Ecolabel for Buildings, with a minimum percentage of renewable in the energy used by the buildings (25% for existing and 50% for new buildings) are also pointing in the same direction.

Emerson Climate Technologies is always committed to energy efficiency optimization and new technologies, and has been the first in the market to offer a complete range of highly efficient scroll compressors optimized for heat pump applications.

Renewable Energy
Energy Source

Renewable Energy Optimization


The high pressure ratio valve specifically designed for Copeland Scroll Heating™ compressors helps reducing losses and thus improves compressor COP at high condensing and low evaporating conditions (up to +10% without enhanced vapor injection and up to +20% with enhanced vapor injection compared to a standard A/C Copeland scroll).

Whenever the heat pump has to deliver very high water temperature either for radiators or domestic hot water production, the Copeland Scroll Heating™ ZH compressor is the best choice.


Renewable Energy Map


Heating optimization and the Enhanced Vapor Injection features enlarge the compressor operating map allowing efficient operation even in very cold climates.