Copeland Scroll Variable Speed Technology
Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Technology

In the past years the number of installed heat pumps has grown constantly. Different reasons have led to this growth, such as end-user environmental responsibility, running cost savings, increasing gas and oil prices as well as incentive schemes in different countries across Europe. These factors have made this technology well recognized as a valid and reliable source of heating.

Heat pump manufacturers are focusing more and more on further increasing the efficiency level and at the same time reducing dimensions and sound emissions, in order to increase end-users' comfort and ease of system selection and installation.

Variable Speed compressors are a key factor to meet these characteristics and to make heat pumps an even more attractive technology.

Unmatched Performance & Efficiency

The new Copeland Scroll ZPV and ZHW Variable Speed compressors with capacity modulation have been developed to deliver outstanding performances and reliability, both in new buildings and boiler replacement scenarios. They feature a state of the art brushless permanent magnet motor matched with a highly efficient inverter drive. ZHW Variable Speed scrolls are designed for heating applications, while ZPV Variable Speed scrolls are optimized for cooling and low temperature heating applications.

A Platform Of Quality

Copeland Scroll Variable Speed compressors benefit from the proven quality standard of the Copeland Scroll technology. With 25 years of scroll experience and expertise - in more than 100 million installations around the world - Emerson is the recognized leader in quality and reliability. 

Features And Benefits

  • Highest efficiency throughout the operating envelope and speed range
  • Envelope & speed management information for the system controller (real-time communication of parameters via Modbus RS485)
  • Enhanced Vapor Injection technology for best seasonal efficiency (ZHW)
  • High water temperature for all applications (ZHW)
  • Compliance with electromagnetic- compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic- interference (EMI) requirements for residential applications (VDE)
  • Wide speed range 30 – 117Hz
  • Mutually optimized and qualified scroll and inverter drive

 ZPV & ZHW Variable Speed Scroll Compressor Line-up

Copeland Scroll Variable Speed compressors

Seasonal Performance of Copeland Scroll Variable Speed compressors with Enhanced Vapor Injection