Copeland Scroll Digital Compressors
Copeland Scroll Digital™ Compressors

The Copeland Scroll Digital compressor utilizes axial scroll compliance to achieve modulation by forcing the scrolls to separate, causing compression of the refrigerant to stop without stopping the compressor motor. In this “unloaded” state, the compressor output is zero capacity. When the scrolls are engaged in the “loaded” state, compressor output is 100% capacity. The scrolls are separated in a periodic cycle to obtain a time-averaged compressor capacity based on the ratio of loading and unloading times. This allows the compressor to achieve infinite capacity modulation between 10% and 100%.

Loaded State                                                                Unloaded State

Copeland Scroll Digital compressors utilize axial scroll compliance to achieve modulation by forcing the scrolls to separate

  • Modulation capability: most precise capacity matching capability provides continuous modulation between 10% and 100% capacity, the widest available capacity modulation range available
  • Electromagnetic interference issues: negligible, since no motor frequency variation is needed
  • Oil management issues: negligible, since compressor motor runs at constant speed. 
  • Efficiency: high system efficiency is obtained by matching capacity with cooling/heating demand
  • Temperature and humidity control: precise and smooth control is achieved, limiting any fluctuations in setpoint
  • Simple installation and maintenance, no need of complex electronic controls. Digital Scroll system can result in space savings of over 30-40% because of its simple design. Furthermore, the Copeland Scroll Digital has demonstrated its reliability through surviving rigorous testing with extremely stringent criteria
  • Unlike inverter modulation the vibration which can create resonance in a system does not have to be detected, Copeland Scroll Digital is simpler to integrate
  • The wide modulation allows the reduction or even to get rid of water tank which is required in water systems
  • When precision is a must, the Copeland Scroll Digital is a unique solution to perform very tight temperature control

Typical Copeland Scroll Digital application examples

  • Cooling equipment like welding or cutting machines having a wide and quick change of load
  • Professional printing equipment which require precise humidity and temperature control
  • Swimming pool dehumidification systems with a variation of air flow and a load which can be adapted accordingly
  • Plastic molding where the precision of the temperature is important
  • High efficiency rooftops or air handling units where the air flow can be adjusted to match the load, delivering constant temperature to the space to avoid air temperature swings that create discomfort

Range of Copeland Scroll Digital Compressors

  • R-410A and R-407C models from 3–15 hp
  • Copeland qualified tandem combinations up to 30 hp per circuit

ZPD Copeland Scroll Digital Compressors (R410A)

ZPD Copeland Scroll Digital Compressors R410A

ZRD Copeland Scroll Digital Compressors (R407C)

ZRD Copeland Scroll Digital Compressors R407C