Copeland Scroll™ Heating Line up
Copeland Scroll™ Heating Compressors

The ZH range of Copeland Scroll compressors is the most used technology for dedicated heat pump applications, delivering outstanding performances and reliability, both in new buildings or boiler retrofit. In addition to the existing R-407C version, Emerson Climate Technologies has now developed a complete line up for R-410A, thus obtaining significant benefits with systems using this refrigerant, which enables the design of more efficient and more compact and cost effective equipments.

All models will be also available with Enhanced Vapor Injection technology, which allows efficiency increase, and in tandem combination for superior seasonal efficiency.

The ZHW Copeland Scroll Variable Speed compressor features a state of the art brushless permanent magnet motor and vapor injection technology matched with a highly efficient drive.

Copeland Scroll Variable Speed ZHW Compressors for Heating (R410A)

ZHW Copeland Scroll Variable Speed compressors for heating 

Copeland Scroll Fixed Speed ZH*P and ZHI*P Compressors for Heating (R410A)

ZH Copeland Scroll R410A fixed speed compressors for heating 

Copeland Scroll Fixed Speed ZH and ZH*KVE Compressors for Heating (R407C)

ZH Copeland Scroll R407C fixed speed compressors for heating 


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