Refrigeration VSM-VSS Series
Refrigeration VSM-VSS Series

Vilter’s VSM-VSS line of Single Screw compressors delivers higher performance than twin screw compressors and have fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors. The key to Vilter’s Single Screw compressors reliability is its balanced design. The inherent design advantage allows Vilter to offer the 5/15, a five-year warranty on internal components and a fifteen-year warranty on bearings, the industry’s longest. Besides ultra-low bearing wear, the balanced design decreases vibrations and sound levels. The addition of Vilter’s exclusive Parallex™ slide system allows the compressor to run at optimum efficiency.

With a displacement range from 200 m³/hr to 4300 m³/hr, the VSM and VSS series are optimised for working with Ammonia as refrigerant (other refrigerant are also available) and answer to the different international certifications requirements: CE / PED / UL / ASME

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Vilter Single Screw Compressor Design & Operation

  Energy Savings


Variable Capacity & Volume Control

  • Parallex™ slide valves - Only available on Vilter Single Screw compressors
  • Capacity slide - 10% to 100% of gas flow
  • Volume slide - 1.2 to 7.0 volume ratio
  • Independent capacity & volume control - optimised efficiency at part load conditions

Low Maintenance

Balanced Loading

  • No Radial Loads - Compression occurs simultaneously on opposite sides of the screw
  • No Axial Loads - Main screw is vented such that both ends are at suction pressure
  • All bearings are only exposed to suction pressure
  • Results in reliable bearing performance, backed by exclusive 5/15 Warranty