Emerson Communicating System

Emerson Communicating System


The high-end HVAC system homeowners are willing to pay a premium for

The fastest-growing HVAC market today is the high-end segment (16+ SEER systems), where research shows that 39 percent of homeowners are willing to pay a premium to receive the long-term benefits of energy savings and comfort. You can feel confident in quoting high-end systems with the Emerson Communicating System, because it performs and is simple to install.

Growing your business

Even in today’s economy, high-end HVAC system sales are up over 24 percent. Now you can take advantage of this market opportunity. With the Emerson Communicating System, you can offer up a high-end system with every sales call.

Installation with confidence

Homeowners receive the advanced functionality of the Emerson communicating system – comfort and efficiency – while technicians can feel confident about the installation of a high-end system. Utilizing the ClimateTalk™ open communications protocol, the Emerson Communicating System:

  • Autoconfigures dip switches
  • Verifies operation within minutes
  • Requires no additional wires
  • Provides diagnostics and active protection to prevent system damage

These advanced features will help make your technicians comfortable when they’re installing Emerson Communicating Systems because they will get immediate verification of their successful installation, reducing callbacks.

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Homeowner peace of mind

Onboard Comfort Alert™ diagnostics alert homeowners to “Call for Service” on the thermostat when severe problems are detected, helping to protect the system from critical, compressor-damaging faults.

Interactive Emerson Communicating System Demo

Click on the Launch Demo link below, to experience setting up the Emerson communicating system. You can take a step-by-step walk-through – configuring the system, verifying that the components are installed and programming the thermostat.


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Interactive Emerson Communicating
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