Multiflex I/O

Multiflex I/O

The MultiFlex line of distributed controllers provides a wide variety of input, output, and smart control solutions - all of which are based on a single universal hardware platform. The MultiFlex platform combines inputs and outputs, saving you time and space when both are at a premium.

Since MultiFlex boards feature both inputs and outputs on the same board, retailers can reduce the space requirement for I/O boards by as much as 50%! Traditional I/O board schemes required retail operators to mount separate input and output boards within an enclosure, increasing the time and cost to mount the boards. MultiFlex boards may be mounted using either standoffs or “snap track”.

Available in numerous models with varying combinations of generic input and programmable output points, MultiFlex controllers must be used in conjunction with an E2 Facility Management System.  For specific input/output capabilities of each board, please consult the table below:

​ Model ​Inputs ​Analog Outputs
​Relay Outputs 
​Digital Outputs
16  ​16 ​0 ​0 ​0
8RO ​0 ​0 ​8 ​0
88   ​8 ​0 ​8 ​0
​ 88AO ​8 ​4 ​8 ​4
168 ​16 ​0 ​8 ​0
168AO ​16 ​4 ​8 ​0
168DO ​16 ​0 ​8 ​4
1616 ​16 ​0 ​16 ​0
1616LAO ​16 ​​0 ​16 Low Voltage ​0
1616LDO ​16 ​0 ​16 Low Voltage ​4
4AO ​0 ​4 ​0 ​0

Retail Solutions also offers a specific HVAC unit controller called the MultiFlex RCB.  For more information, click here to view the specific information on the MultiFlex RCB.

For packaged refrigeration systems, Emerson offers the MultiFlex PAK which is capable of controlling many common system configurations.  Click here to view the specific information on the MultiFlex PAK.

Emerson's Multiflex CUB is designed to control single condensing units.  For more information on either the MultiFlex CUB-II or the MultiFlex Cub-TD, view the MultiFlex Condensing Unit Board (CUB-II and CUB-TD) Installation and Operation Manual.

Emerson's Multiflex RTU is designed to control package rooftop HVAC units. For more information, view MultiFlex RTU Rooftop Controller Installation and Operation Manual.

For more information on each model, please select the appropriate model to the left or click here to download a general MultiFlex product data sheet.

Click here to download the general manual for all MultiFlex products.

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