HVAC Boards

Stand-Alone HVAC Boards


Multiflex RCB-P
Emerson’s Multiflex RCB-P board offers all the same control benefits of the Multiflex RCB plus an innovative patented algorithm to reduce energy consumed by HVAC rooftop units.

Multiflex RCB
Emerson's Multiflex Rooftop Control Board (RCB) is a rooftop HVAC controller for use either as a stand-alone controller or in networked zone control applications.

iPro DAC
The iPro Discharge Air Controller (DAC) is a packaged HVAC control board for use either as a standalone controller or in zone control applications.

The MultiFlex Rooftop Unit Board (RTU) is a “smart” combination input/output board designed to control package rooftop HVAC units.

 The Multiflex boards are formerly CPC brand products.

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