Remote Monitoring Modem

Power-line Remote Monitoring Modem (RMM)

The key component in power-line communication for monitoring and control of reefer containers

  • Compatibility with all brands and types of reefer containers.
  • The RMM is compatible with all brands and types of power-line remote monitoring systems
  • The Modem uses ISO10368 High Data Rate
  • Minimum installation and maintenance costs, since the monitoring system uses the existing cable installations

The RMM (Remote Monitoring Modem) is the key component in power-line communication for monitoring and control of reefer containers.

Each container equipped with an RMM is able to send data on its operating conditions and alarms to a central monitoring system, such as the REFCON system.

Besides monitoring, the RMM can be used to remotely control various reefer container functions, which include changing the setpoint, initiating defrost, and activating automatic pre-trip inspection.

RMM benefits:
In combination with a reefer monitoring system such as REFCON, the RMM offers a number of important benefits:


RMM benefits, reduce risk
  • Reduced risk of potential cargo damage thanks to continuous automatic monitoring of your reefer containers
RMM benefits, reduction of operational costs
  • Reduction of operational cost due to less-time-consuming manual inspections
RMM benefits, improved safety
  • Improved safety of personnel
RMM benefits, improve cargo documentation handling
  • Improve cargo documentation handling processes
RMM benefits, reduce risk of errors
  • Optimization of reefer container operation with reduced risk of human errors


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Download the installation guide for RMM modem

Installation Guide v.1.6                             147 K

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Installation Kit Carrier Part No 76-66622-00      100 K
Recommended spare part list for vessels           31 K
Remote Monitoring Modem, RMM

Product Leaflet
Download the PDF product leaflet


  • Used in reefer containers for power-line remote monitoring
  • Monitors reefer-container operating conditions and alarms