Include non-communicating reefers in your monitoring procedure

With your REFCON reefer container monitoring system connected to the load calculator or terminal planner, the task of collecting data from the non-communicating containers becomes very simple:

  • Transfer the basic reefer container information from the load calculator or terminal planner to REFCON, including container ID, location, expected temperature setpoints, etc.
  • Transfer a list of all non-communicating containers from the REFCON system to the handheld RDC unit
  • Go to the containers and check the listed data with the actual data on the containers
  • Accept or change the data in the RDC
  • Go back to the REFCON system and load the corrected data into the system, using a cradle or cable connection

You will now have the actual container data available in the REFCON system. You will also have the alarms on your screen, and you will be able to make the same reports and printouts as for the communicating containers.


Product Leaflet
Download the PDF product leaflet



  • Documentation from non-communicating reefer containers (without modem installed) on REFCON systems
  • Wireless quick condition status from containers equipped with RMM+