Modulation Technologies

Modulation Technologies

Modulation technologies have the ability to modify compressor performance and therefore perform more efficiently at different ambient temperatures.  The capacity of the compressor changes to meet the cooling demand and therefore reduce energy consumption.  Modulation technology leads to many benefits including increased humidity and temperature control, efficiency, reliability and comfort.  Copeland Scroll compressors utilize this technology to offer the best possible solution for residential and commercial applications.


Multiple Compressors (Tandems/Trios)

Multiple Compressors - Tandems and Trios

Similar to other modulation approaches, tandems offer improved part-load efficiencies, including Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) and Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV), while maximizing full-load efficiency. A user also has the option to ‘tandemize’ different compressor sizes commonly called un-even tandems which provides exceptional IPLV efficiencies. In addition a Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor can be `tandemize’ with a fixed capacity scroll compressor.  This combination offers a very simple solution to deliver continuous capacity modulation while delivering precise humidity and temperature control. Copeland Scroll compressors range from 1-40 HP for single compressor configurations and 3-120 HP in tandem and trio configurations.


  • Efficiency:  High system efficiency at both full-load and part-load
  • Flexibility:  Versatile compressor combinations
  • Oil Management: No extra oil management hardware needed
  • Load Matching: Stepped capacity modulation for higher part load efficiency levels

Copeland Scroll™ multiples brochure

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