Ocean Containter Tracking and Reefer Transportation

Ocean Containter Tracking and Reefer Transportation

The challenge of reefer container transportation

Storing and transporting modern reefer containers is a complex task. Containers loaded with delicate cargo ranging from fresh fruit, chilled meat and frozen shellfish to X-ray films and blood plasma requires careful monitoring of all parameters to ensure a safe and reliable journey from producer to consumer.

The remarkable growth in container transportation, the increasing demand for cost-efficient operations, and requirements from customers, operators and authorities for improved quality have led container operators to focus on automated remote container monitoring.

ISO10368 standardization

To address these needs, the world’s leading container shipping countries had sufficient foresight – as early as 1992 – to agree upon a standardized method of monitoring reefer containers. Known as ISO10368, this standard has since ensured that shipping lines, container terminals and other container operators can safely invest in automated remote reefer monitoring. ISO10368 provides the framework to ensure that the solution chosen is as standardized and operational as the well-known standardized 20-foot and 40-foot containers.

REFCON – the market standard

Today this solution had been installed on more than 650.000 containers and 2200 ships and terminals. A solution that keeps an eye on all reefer containers – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and helps container operators to achieve that all-important high quality in reefer container transportation, while reducing operational cost.

REFCON Reefer Monitoring System 

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Customer Statements

”Using REFCON onboard our vessel with 1100 reefer plugs equals a reduction of manhours worth 21,900 Euros for a period of 9 months”

Chief Engineer, Post Panamax containership:
"During our first voyage from Far East to Europe there were 90% of reefer containers equipped with PCT modem. Container monitoring system was working fully integrated and reliable. Supplied handheld-terminal is very useful device, saving a lot of time. Using handheld-terminal there is no paperwork at all"

Master on vessel without reefer monitoring system:
"This (the REFCON system) certainly sounds a more efficient way to monitor reefer containers. In a world of cost saving, sometimes a little investment would be beneficial"

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