SureSwitch™ Contactor

SureSwitch™ Contactor

About the SureSwitch Relay

One of the most likely parts to fail in an air conditioner is the contactor. Emerson has revolutionized this long ignored product category by equipping a relay with an optical sensor and onboard intelligence that optimizes switch timing; this virtually eliminates arcing – the number one cause of contactor failure. What was once a component that needed replacing every 3 – 5 years can now last well over 20 years.

Added Intelligence

In addition to significantly extending contactor life, we have also built in intelligence to protect grid reliability. The brownout protection feature will automatically shut off the air conditioner when line voltage drops below 180VAC for more than 4 seconds. Operation will resume when line voltage returns to a minimum of 190VAC, but not all units will resume at the same time. We have built in a 3 minute delay to protect the compressor (thereby extending the life of the equipment) and then an additional 5 to 90 second randomized delay to mitigate cold load pickup issues.

The SureSwitch™ Relay is a simple to retrofit / low cost solution that does not require access inside a customer’s home. You could install this product as a value added service to your customers or simply rebate the units that are already stocked at HVAC distributors in your area. Given the short replacement cycle of traditional contactors, the rebate approach should result in broad adoption across your service territory in 5 years or less.