Emerson Transportation Solutions

ProAct Transport, remote management, reefer containers  

ProAct™ Transport

The cloud-based enterprise solution, enables shipping lines to establish automated, centralized remote management of reefer containers and gensets, covering their entire journey from producer to final destination.

REFCON, reefer management, container vessels  

REFCON reefer management systems installed on container vessels enables the responsible crew to secure an efficienct and high level of management to secure perfect cargo conditions.

REFCON, reefer management, reefer containers, terminals  

REFCON reefer management systems keeps an eye on thousands of reefer containers on terminals world-wide and interface to all major terminal operating systems for optimal performance.

container electronics, RMM, remote monitoring modems 

Container Electronics
We are offering Remote Monitoring Modem which enable reefer containers from all brands to communicate with management and control systems. Further we offer diagnostic tools such as the LogMan.



Improved Cargo Quality
Alerts you of problems before potential cargo damage 
"Cargo damage due to machinery malfunctions has been reduced by 90% after utilization of REFCON”

Improved Personal Safety
Minimizes time spent in reefer areas or bays and improve the safety for your personnel.

Reduced Operational Cost
Eliminates time-consuming manual inspections
“Upon installation of REFCON, we were able to reduce the amount of containers that were monitored manually by 80%. "

Improved Documentation
Records reefer container data and generates reports automatically
 “Claims have been reduced by 70% by use of the Global Monitoring Server quick information function”

Reduced Human Errors
Verifies planning parameters and alerts you of any mismatch

Energy & CO2 Reductions
Minimizes cargo loss in cold supply chain and makes overall processes and operations more efficient