Understanding Compressor Modulation for Air Conditioning Applications
Understanding Compressor Modulation in Air Conditioning Applications

This eBook is designed to educate contractors and end-users on the value of compressor modulation and its impact on their overall business. The first chapter will explain why compressor modulation is needed and provide a general overview of the types of technologies available today. The chapters that follow will take a deeper dive into each type of modulation technology with a final chapter on the types of applications for both commercial and residential. The eBook will also provide application examples of this technology and its success in the field today.

  • Chapter 1 – Compressor Modulation Overview
  • Chapter 2 – Two-Step Compressor Modulation
  • Chapter 3 – Continuous Compressor Modulation
  • Chapter 4 – Variable Speed Compressor Modulation
  • Chapter 5 – Multiple Compressor Modulation
  • Chapter 6 – A Case for Residential Modulation
  • Chapter 7 – A Case for Commercial Modulation
  • Chapter 8 – Tools to Help You Sell Higher Efficiency Systems


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Understanding Compressor Electronics
Understanding Compressor Electronics

An in-depth look at the dynamics of compressor electronics in the HVACR industry and how this technology is helping enhance system performance and reliability.

Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Compressor Electronics 
Chapter 2 – Addressing Key Industry Issues  
Chapter 3 – How Compressor Electronics Work 
Chapter 4 – Advanced Capabilities Delivered by Electronics  ​