Copeland Scroll™ Commercial Compressors

Copeland Scroll™ Commercial Compressors

With reliable performance, superior efficiency, quiet operation, and diagnostic capability, Emerson Climate Technologies offers the most advanced scroll technology available to support your commercial air-conditioning needs. With the widest R-410A selection available, the Copeland Scroll™ commercial compressor offers ranges from 2–60 HP in singles and up to 80 HP in tandems.   


  Copeland Scroll 7-15 HP Compressors 
  • Designed for superior R-410A efficiency and performance
  • Features Advanced Scroll Temperature Protection (ASTP) to guard the compressor from the scroll overheating
  • Light, compact design with smaller suction fittings for applied cost saving
  • R-410A and R-22/R-407C models in 7–15 HP (tandems up to 30 HP)

Advanced Scroll Temperature Protection (ASTP) 


Copeland Scroll 20-60 HP Compressors
  • First-of-its-kind communicating scroll compressor
  • Offers protection, diagnostics and communication
  • Enables system communication by using the compressor as a sensor
  • R-410A and R-22/R-407C models in 20–60 HP (tandems up to 80 HP)
  • Designed to provide highest R-410A efficiency in this capacity range
  • Optimized for large rooftop and chiller applications
  • Qualified for use in trio applications
Copeland Scroll Digital™ Compressors
  • Precise, infinite capacity modulation from 10%–100%
  • Simple, variable modulation, for temperature control within 0.5°F
  • Lower operating cost
  • Reduced power consumption—up to 30% more efficient than using hot-gas bypass
  • Longer cycle times to reduce wear and improve humidity control
  • Available for commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration applications
  • Available in configurations from 3–30HP


Copeland Scroll UltraTech™ Compressors

  • Performance increase at full-load and part-load with up to 5.5% increase in efficiency
  • Improved two-stage capacity design
  • Optimized for 15+ SEER tax credits and Energy Star
  • Available in 2–5HP
  • Part of the Emerson Communicating System

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