Applied Technologies

Applied Technologies

Control Products applies the most appropriate technologies that fit the applications of our customers.  The technologies can originate from the industry of our customer, the overall electronics industry or be developed as a proprietary technology by Control Products.  The customer’s application needs including functionality, price point and environmental concerns help determine the best and most cost effective technologies to implement.  Control Products has extensive experience in digital, analog, and wireless designs.  Software is designed using the most common programming languages and open source communications protocols. 

Remote Monitoring:

Equipment manufacturers are increasingly using the internet and wireless mobile communications to interface with equipment in the field.  Control Products provides a number of technologies that can be integrated to a new control design or added to an existing design that provide for valuable remote monitoring, control and alarm notification.

  • Equipment maintenance scheduling
  • Food safety monitoring
  • Remote alarm monitoring
  • Remote programming of controls
  • Remote data collection
  • Temperature profiling
  • Inventory management
  • Energy management

Custom User Interfaces and Touch-Screen Displays

There is a growing need for user interface display technology that can communicate large amounts of information in a rapid but very intuitive manner.  Control Products offers its customers a wide range of electronic display capabilities.  On the low end of the spectrum, a product may only require a small simple LED or LCD display, while other applications may demand full color video with sound.  In other applications, a dot matrix display, back lit display or standard touch screen technology may meet the application requirements.  Our design team reviews the pros/cons and relative costs with our customers before a final display technology is chosen.