Browning V-Belt

Browning™ V-Belt 

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Can I use a "5L" in place of a "B" section belt?
Do you have length tolerances on belts and also matching tolerances?
What is the maximum temperature that a V-belt can operate?
What V-belts do you offer as static conducting?
What is the average life of a V-belt drive?
What is the recommended shelf life?
Do you have a belt interchange?
Are your belts manufactured in the United States?
Can I use belt dressing on your belts?
Can I replace only one or two belts in a multiple belt drive?
On drives with multiple belts should I order a matched set of belts?
Can I use belts from different manufactures on the same drive?
Why should I take the time to inspect a failed belt?
I have a belt that squeals on start-up. Is this normal?
When should the maximum and minimum tension values be used?