The Refrigerant Management System is a computer controlled system designed to eliminate the inconsistencies and guesswork associated with the charging of refrigeration systems. The unit was designed and engineered to help retailers comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Standard 608.

The Refrigerant Management System uses modular technology along with modern computing hardware and valving techniques to accurately handle all aspects of refrigerant management at the rack level. It provides the user with all pertinent information required for accepted EPA record keeping.

The Refrigerant Management System helps retailers comply with the EPA’s Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements for Class I and Class II refrigerants.

Key Benefits

  • Assist with compliance of EPA 608 requirements
  • Avoid potential fines due to poor record keeping
  • Eliminate unauthorized work with password lockout
  • Eliminate the guesswork normally associated with system charging
  • Access refrigerant usage records locally or remotely
  • Install in both new and existing facilities

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