XEV-EX48 Superheat Control

The XEV is a stand-alone universal superheat controller for stable superheat control with stepper motor driven electronic control valves and is used for air conditioning, refrigeration and industrial applications such as chillers, industrial process cooling rooftops, heat pumps, package units, close controls, cold room, food process and air driers. The XEV-EX48 controllers are factory pre‐programmed to drive the Emerson EX4,5,6,7,8 electronic stepper expansion valves. Optimized performance is achieved by tight evaporator superheat (SH) control over a wide operating range. Ideally suited for energy saving, floating head pressure systems.


XEV-EX48 Operating Manual
Contains installation and operation instructions.

XEV-EX48 Product Information
Contains features and specs for the device.