CoreSense™ Protection

CoreSense™ Protection

CoreSense™ Protection for Copeland Scroll™ compressors is a new electronic module that serves as a superior replacement for most traditional AC and heat pump compressor contactors. Designed to help contractors troubleshoot residential air conditioning systems, CoreSense Protection modules use the compressor as a sensor to deliver active protection and diagnostic capabilities, improving overall system reliability.

CoreSense Protection modules give technicians insight into the system through the compressor, providing valuable information to help diagnose problems quickly and accurately, reducing costly callbacks. The module monitors both the compressor and system for damaging conditions such as short cycling, pressure trips, locked rotor and low voltage.


  • Actively shuts down the compressor when critical system faults are detected
  • Six diagnostic codes enable greater speed and accuracy of troubleshooting
  • Stores system and fault history for download
  • Reduces callback and provides homeowner peace of mind
  • Same wiring as traditional contactor


  • Microprocessor controlled sealed compressor switching
  • Low line voltage protection
  • LED displays status and fault conditions
  • Heavy duty line voltage lug connectors
  • Push-button test
  • Zero chatter latching relay construction
  • Similar mounting footprint as traditional contactors
  • Two-pin data port enables download of fault history


CoreSense Protection features advanced electronic switching technology that has been qualified up to one million cycles; four to five times a standard contactor. The internal microprocessor nearly eliminates contact welding and pitting. In addition, the circuit board-mounted relay is completely sealed and enclosed, which prevents common problems with pests and debris.





To further support troubleshooting activity, CoreSense Protection stores system and fault history for download through Emerson’s HVACR Fault Finder (PC Edition) software.  Contractors can gain quick insights into system, electrical, and lockout fault conditions by utilizing the last seven operating days of history, an event fault sequence, or graph of the most frequent codes.

“According to our market research, 10-20% of all service calls are related to failed contactors. CoreSense Protection combines a diagnostic module and a traditional contactor into a single unit.  This makes it easy for technicians take advantage of important diagnostic and protection capabilities because the product looks, feels, and installs just like a standard contactor.” 

Brandy Powell, vice president Residential Marketing,
Air Conditioning Business of Emerson Climate Technologies