Copeland Scroll Digital Compressor

Copeland Scroll™ Digital Compressor

The Copeland Scroll™ Digital compressor increases HVAC system efficiency and provides more energy savings by precisely matching compressor output to your heating or cooling needs. Because capacity modulation between 10% and 100% can be achieved using one compressor, Copeland Scroll Digital is perfect for buildings or rooms which experience widely varying loads or where tight temperature and humidity control are needed. Copeland Scroll Digital compressors are available from 3–15 HP and can be applied in configurations using multiple compressors offering capacity ranges from 10–30 HP.




 Copeland Scroll Digital compressors offer:

  • Precise, infinite capacity modulation from 10%100%
  • Simple, variable modulation, for temperature control within 0.5°F
  • Lower operating cost
  • Reduced power consumption  up to 30% more efficient than using hot-gas bypass
  • Longer cycle times to reduce wear and improve humidity control
  • Available for commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration applications
  • Available in configurations from 3-30HP

Digital scroll technology is up to 30% more efficient than traditional methods of compressor modulation. When maximum cooling is needed to maintain complete comfort, Copeland Scroll Digital compressors are there to cool at 100% capacity. But comfort is needed at off-peak hours too. When less cooling is needed, the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor can cool in as little as 10% capacity. So, a constant temperature can be easily maintained within +/- 0.5°F in every room, at any time of day, whether the room is empty or at capacity. Plus, the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor doesn't just lower the temperature, it brings down the humidity too, offering levels of comfort never before achieved by a compressor. 

By offering a capacity range of 10%100%, the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor doesn't need to start-stop as often as a traditional compressor.  That means enhanced reliability and less maintenance because of the reduced wear and tear on the compressor.

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