Copeland Scroll™ Compressors with CoreSense™ Communications

Copeland Scroll™ Compressors with CoreSense™ Communications

Enhanced reliability and increased uptime in commercial air conditioning applications.

Copeland Scroll Commercial AC compressor with CoreSense CommunicationsCommunication, protection and diagnostics onboard.
Introducing the industry's first ever Copeland Scroll™ compressors with CoreSense™ Communications onboard. With this added feature, Copeland Scroll compressors can stream real-time diagnostics information on the compressor's operation to the system controller. By using the compressor as a sensor, valuable data from inside the system can be accessed and monitored in real time by the controller, improving performance and reliability – even proactively shutting down the compressor to prevent a catastrophic failure.

Unlock new, invaluable information.
Not only can Copeland Scroll compressors with CoreSense Communications provide real time data to the system controller, but it can also provide you with historical information. Faults that might have occurred in the past week and over the entire life of the compressor are available at your fingertips. Having this information allows the technician on the job to know exactly what the system is experiencing. That means shorter and fewer site visits, saving you and your customer time and money.

For improved system performance and end-user peace of mind, make sure you install systems with Copeland Scroll compressors with CoreSense Communications.

Integrated CoreSense™ technology delivers enhanced
reliability for Copeland Scroll compressors

CoreSense Communication ModuleDiagnostics and Protection
      • Missing Phase
      • Reverse Phase
      • Short Cycling Protection
      • Motor Temperature Protection
      • Fault  History
Communication Protocol
      • Modbus – Current
      • BACnet - Future

Copeland Scroll Commercial AC compressor models with CoreSense Communication 

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