Emerson Climate Technologies sponsors ATMOsphere Asia 2016 in Tokyo, Japan
ATMOsphere Asia 2016
For the second straight year, Emerson Climate Technologies will be a sponsor of the ATMOsphere Asia. The third edition of the event will be held on 9 & 10 February 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.

Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, is a world-leading provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications. The company provides tailor-made climate control solutions through its Copeland Scroll™, Alco Controls™, Dixell™ and Vilter™ industry-leading brands.

Emerson’s Copeland compressors for CO2 applications

Included in Emerson Climate Technologies’ product portfolio are complete solutions for R744 refrigeration applications which guarantee high operational performance, safety and increased system uptime for CO2 booster and cascade systems. 

Emerson launched its Copeland Scroll™ technology in 1987, becoming a benchmark of energy efficiency for the HVAC&R industry. Today, Emerson manufactures Copeland Scroll™ compressors in eight facilities on three continents. Over 100 million units have been installed globally. Its wide range of compressors includes the Copeland Scroll ZO and Copeland Scroll Digital ZOD 2–6 HP models.

Under the Vilter brand, the company also provides solutions for industrial refrigeration, industrial heating and gas compression for ammonia applications such as its Vilter single screw compressor VSS-1301. The model, which has a unique Parallex™ slide system, allows for significant improvements in terms of energy efficiency and reliability.

In April 2015, Emerson also launched its new Life Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP) Online Calculator that helps limit CO2 emissions in supermarkets. More in particular, this software allows users to compare different supermarket system architectures with various refrigerants. It calculates annual power, total annual CO2 emissions and peak power, and is also able to provide recommendations to users.

About ATMOsphere Asia 2016
9 & 10 February, Shin-Maru Conference Square – Tokyo, Japan

Returning for it's 3rd edition, ATMOsphere Asia 2016 is THE industry event bringing together HVAC&R experts from across the globe! Perfectly timed on 9 & 10 February 2016 to coincide with the Supermarket Trade Show, the conference is expected to attract a record number of both Asian and international end users and other leading industry stakeholders.

Programme highlights include the latest natural refrigerant technology innovations, market trends and regulatory issues as well as updates on national subsidies given by the Japanese Ministry of Environment and information about F-Gas policies and their implementation in Europe and North & South America.

This year, the two-day conference will be split with the first day focusing on commercial refrigeration and the second day covering industrial refrigeration and other applications.

For more information about the event, please visit www.ATMO.org/asia2016.