Commercial and Public Buildings
Commercial and Public Buildings
Railway stations, airports, shopping malls and all other large public buildings use a wide range of cooling equipment to provide a comfortable operating environment. Emerson Climate Technologies’ energy efficient products can help municipal authorities/facility managers save money.

For such large buildings, scroll chillers are increasingly being used in Asia Pacific. Copeland Scroll™ commercial compressors are designed to deliver superior energy and reliable performance of scroll chiller systems. The demand for additional heating is increasingly becoming important in cold climates and Copeland Scroll compressors, equipped with vapor injection technology, are able to provide the increased heating and stringent reliability required for low ambient operation.

The cooling/heating demand fluctuates in a commercial building as the number of occupants changes during the day. Frequent starting and stopping of the compressor to adjust to this variable demand is an energy consuming and inefficient operation. Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressors, which deliver a seamless capacity from 10%-100%, are an ideal solution to address this variable indoor demand.

There is a growing trend towards the use of hybrid systems for commercial buildings. Hybrid air-conditioning systems combine the efficiency and benefits of scroll chillers along with the flexibility and variable capacity benefits of VRF systems. Multiple scroll chillers are used in large common areas, while VRFs are used in office areas which require more flexibility in operation.