Convenience Stores
Convenience Stores

Convenience stores have higher energy usage per square foot than virtually any other retail market segment.

As energy costs continue to rise and retailers place greater value on corporate responsibility, convenience store operators are implementing initiatives to cut costs, achieve business goals and demonstrate responsible leadership. Many industry leaders are setting quantifiable goals for reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint across their enterprises. Operators of facilities between 3,000 and 10,000 square feet have different needs than larger retailers. Emerson has engineered a new set of offerings specifically scaled to fit the infrastructure of a convenience store.

Emerson provides convenience store operators with
energy efficient infrastructure and remote supervisory control that reduces energy consumption, improves store management, facilitates proper maintenance and increases equipment lifetime.

Strategic integration of Emerson’s convenience store offerings can reduce operating costs by up to 15 percent. Implementing these offerings with the expert oversight of Emerson’s ProAct® Service Center allows retailers to measure, manage, optimize and sustain operational savings across their enterprise.