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Dixell Simulator


Digital controller for medium-low temperature refrigeration applications

Model XW70LH, format 38x185mm, is microprocessor based controller, suitable for applications on medium or low temperature ventilated refrigerating units. It has five relay outputs to control compressor, fan, defrost, which can be either electrical or reverse cycle (hot gas) and light. The last one can be used as auxiliary output or for alarm signalling. It could be provided with a Real Time Clock which allows programming of up to 6 daily defrost cycles, divided into holidays and workdays. A “Day and Night” function with two different set points is fitted for energy saving. It is also provided with up to four NTC or PTC probe inputs, the first one for temperature control, the second one, to be located onto the evaporator, to control the defrost termination temperature and to managed the fan. One of the 2 digital inputs can operate as third temperature probe. The fourth probe is used to signal the condenser temperature alarm or to display a temperature.

The HOT KEY output allows to connect the unit, by means of the external module XJ485-CX, to a network line ModBUS-RTU compatible such as the dIXEL monitoring units of X-WEB family. It allows to program the controller by means the HOT KEY programming keyboard. The instrument is fully configurable through special parameters that can be easily programmed through the keyboard.