Partner Tools

What is Emerson Climate Technologies Partner+?

Simply put, Emerson Climate Technologies Partner+ is a service program to help our members address today’s market needs while providing sustainable business results with high value and impact. Ultimately, it is geared towards supporting the development of today’s HVACR business.

Emerson Climate Technologies recognizes the value of delivering quality products and services to its customers while providing the latest climate control solutions that address the world’s growing needs to improve human comfort, ensure food safety and protect the environment. Since its introduction of various innovative solutions, including the industry-leading Copeland Scroll™ compressor, the company today has become the leading global provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

With the same spirit and innovative drive that led to its technological developments, the company’s Distribution Services Marketing organization in Asia conceived a program that positions Emerson as a strategic industry partner in addressing the challenges of HVACR businesses in the region.

Sign up now to access Partner Tools, an array of programs designed to expedite cross referencing, unit conversion and product selection.


Compressor and Condensing Unit Cross Reference Tool *

Specifically developed to cross reference competitor models to Copeland™ models popular in Asia. Competitor manufacturer’s name, model, electrical characteristics (i.e. voltage, phase and frequently), refrigerant and temperature applications are keyed in and a Copeland model will be selected to match the compressor to be replaced. The program also includes condensing units.


Cold Room Configurator *

A mobile optimized software designed to select the appropriate Emerson condensing unit, refrigerant and electronic controls by keying in simple inputs likes cold room dimensions and application temperature. 


Select Asia

A compressor selection program for Copeland models popular in Asia. The tool is versatile—allowing AHRI and EN rating conditions or even user keyed in values. The program will show selected model, its specifications and operating envelope.  



Cross-reference database for on-the-go access to Emerson’s valves, controls and system protectors. The X-Check app allows mobile users to pull up information based on manufacturer, product type and model number to locate the corresponding Emerson product.


 PT Pro

An automated PT chart that converts pressure to temperature or vice versa for a selected refrigerant in SI and English units. Download it to your mobile phone and never use paper charts again. 

* Exclusive for Emerson Climate Technologies Partner+ members