Controller Related Questions
Controller Related Questions
In case the indoor/outdoor combination ratio reaches 130% for the inverter system, the frequency can be increased and therefore the capacity of outdoor unit can be increased. But for Copeland Scroll Digital™ System, since the compressor rotates at a fixed speed, will the capacity of outdoor unit be less than the inverter?
How does defrost control work in this system?
What is the lowest and highest ambient temp for cooling and heating that the control board can support?
Is it possible to change the size of the control board?
How is cooling capacity reduced when the unit reaches the set point?
Why do you need four sensors on each coil?
What are the advantages of a continuously changing electronic expansion valve opening as compared to a fixed electronic expansion valve?
What is the function of the indoor electronic expansion valves on heating?
In case the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) solenoid valves fails, does the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor still work or does the system display some error (alarm) code?