Temperature Sensors
Temperature Sensors

Interior Temperature Sensor

The interior temperature sensor is supplied within a wall-mounted enclosure that is attached to a standard switch plate. It should be located in a central location—within the zone to be measured—away from doors, windows, vents, heaters, and outside walls that could affect temperature readings. The sensor should be between four and six feet from the floor. Mount the sensor using the screws provided.

Temperature Probe for Duct and Walk-In Box

The 12-inch insertion temperature probe may be used to monitor temperature in either the supply or return air ducts of the AHU or RTU. The probe may be mounted in any orientation within the duct and should be secured using self-tapping screws. A 0.250” diameter hole is required for the probe. The insertion probe (self-tapping screws) are not provided.

Outside Temperature Sensor

The outside or ambient temperature sensor should be located on the north side of the facility (for locations in the northern hemisphere), preferably under an eave to prevent sun-heated air from affecting the temperature at the sensor. For locations in the southern hemisphere, the temperature sensor should be mounted on the south side of a building in a similar fashion. The temperature sensor may be mounted using a rubber-lined tubing clamp. Emerson also offers an aluminum cover and clamp which may be mounted (fasteners are not provided).

Insertion and Immersion Probes

The insertion and immersion temperature probes may be used to monitor temperature. Insertion probes are for use in ducts and are not to be used with liquids. The immersion probe is designed to be used in liquids and comes with an extra sheath. Drill a hole to accommodate the insertion or immersion probe’s sheath (tap if necessary). After creating the hole for the probe or sheath, screw the insertion probe or sheath directly into the hole that was created. After creating the hole for the sheath, screw the sheath into the hole. Be sure that a water tight seal is made for the immersion probe’s sheath. After mounting the immersion probe’s sheath, screw the temperature probe and housing into the sheath.

Pipe Mount Sensors

Bullet or pipe mount sensors mounted on refrigerant lines should be secured with low temperature cable tie, Panduit number PLT2S-M120, or equivalent. For pipe mount sensors, the curved surface should be placed against the pipe and the tie should be positioned in the groove on the top surface of the sensor. A second tie should be used to secure the lead to the pipe for additional support (leave some slack in the lead between the tie and the sensor block). Sensors located on refrigerant lines should be insulated to eliminate the influence of the surrounding air. A self-adhering insulation that will not absorb moisture is recommended to prevent icing at the sensor location.

The sensor should be positioned on the side of a refrigeration line.

 Emerson offers a wide selection of temperature sensors. Select a model below for product information.

Available Models:
201-1152 Outdoor Temp Sensor with sun shield 10k
201-1160 20' White Temp-NSF Approved
201-1191 15' White High Temp (up to 450F)-Pipe Mount
201-2004 4" Immersion Probe
201-2005 Space Temp Sensor w/Slider and Override Button
201-2007 Space Temp Sensor w/o Slider
201-2008 8" 3/8" Immersion Probe-"1/2" MNPT w/Box
201-2009 8" Insertion Probe-1/2" MNPT (8' Yel Lds)
201-2018 18" Duct temperature probe,  stainless
201-2112 12" Duct/Walk-in Temp Sensor w/box
201-5000 High Temp Sensor
501-1121 10' Green Temp Sensor
501-1122 20' Green Temp Sensor
501-1125 20' Blue Pipemount Temp Sensor
501-1126 20' Red Pipemount Temp Sensor
501-1127 20' Orange Pipemount Temp Sensor
501-1128 20' Purple Temp Sensor
501-1129 20' Green Temp Sensor
501-1134 10' Green Temp Sensor
501-1135 10' Orange Pipemount Sensor
501-1161 20' Temperature Probe, Black - Food Safe
501-1220 4" Needle Temp Sensor
501-6150 20" duct Mt. Probe W.I. Temp
809-6590 Wall Cover, Plate-Bullet Sensor