Relative Humidity Sensor
Relative Humidity Sensors
  • The indoor relative humidity sensor comes with an enclosure designed to be mounted on a wall.

    The sensing element for indoor humidity sensor is a resistance type sensor. The table lists the sensor’s specifications: 
  • GenERAL 

    Input Power

    12 VDC 


    High-Impact plastic, white 

    Relative Humidity (RH)   

    Sensing Element 

    Digitally profiled thin-film capacitive  

    RH Accuracy 

    ±3% RH over the range 20%-90% RH 


    <0.5% RH per year  

     Operating Humidity Range

    0-100% RH  

    Analog Output 

    0-5VDC, 3-wire, observe polarity  


    0-100% RH 


    Temperature Accuracy 

    ±0.4%  from 32°F to 140°F

    Analog Out

    High-Impact plastic, white 

    Emerson offers a variety of relative humidity sensors for both indoor and outdoor applications.  

    Available Models:
    203-5751 Indoor Humidity (2%, 12VDC)
    203-5153 Indoor Humidity (2%, 12VDC)
    203-5754 Outdoor Humidity
    203-5771 Duct Mount Humidity
    210-2100 Indoor Humidity (HF534) w/o Disp or Probe
    210-2102 Indoor Humidity/Dewpoint Probe       

    Technical Bulletins:
    203-5751 Indoor Humidity (2%, 12VDC)
    203-5771 Duct Mount Relative Humidity Sensor
    203-5761 Outdoor Humidity Sensor